Dr. Alarico Barabino, Psy.D., MBA
Organizational and Leadership Consultant
Email: alaricobarabino@allenergywestafrica.com

Dr. Alarico Barabino is an organizational psychologist that specializes in all aspects of an employee life-cycle including identification, acquisition, transition, and development of workforce and management across industries and across nations. Dr. Barabino has acquired considerable skills in understanding the client’s needs through careful and active listening skills and he is able to provide tailored interventions to fit the clients’ needs in their workforce and leadership development efforts internationally. Dr. Barabino’s background is rooted in clinical psychology, allowing him to build long-standing and trusting relationships, diagnose organizational issues from the individual, team, and system’s perspective, and intervene in a cost-effective manner. His specialty is the development of strategies and behaviors that are adaptive, effective, and sensitive in managing multinational and global teams and organizations.

Dr. Barabino provides talent selection and acquisition services that include the use of psychometric assessments, both quantitative and qualitative, and appraisals to quantify a candidate’s psychological attitudes and tendencies, areas of strength, and potential areas of development highlighting the candidate-organization’s “match” and indicators of potential actionable steps for further development. The use of these assessments will significantly increase the organization’s ability to select the right candidate or develop the right skills of an existing employee while reducing the probability of making errors.

The use of behavioral interviewing techniques, objective measurements, and appraisals from stakeholders will augment the decision-making ability of hiring managers who will receive a well-rounded and a more definitive picture of an individual candidate. Depending on needs, the use of psychometric tools can aid for more specific objectives and needs, such as the ability for a candidate to work in teams, his/her communication ability, critical thinking and decision-making, and, most importantly, the capacity for leading and managing others in alignment with the company’s strategy and vision. Further, assessments can also be applied for the development of existing employees who might be regarded as “high potential” and/or in need of development in specific areas that have been identified by the company’s stakeholders.

Dr. Barabino provides leadership and managerial development services through executive coaching. Executive coaching is structured one-on-one engagement aimed at developing capabilities that are required to meet today’s organizational and global challenges. Executive coaching acknowledges the need to improve the leader’s self-awareness and accountability for goals and actions that are established at the beginning of the engagement. Goals and objectives can be developmental, performance-related, skill-specific or solution-focused. Executive coaching provides the possibility to problem-solve and strategize ways to achieve organizational and leadership objectives. With the aid of an expert in human and leadership behavior who takes into account objective, quantitative, and contextual data to inform the construction of developmental plans, the leader will achieve higher levels of effectiveness, performance, efficiency, motivation, sense of purpose, and leadership.

Nowadays, the ability to work in teams has become paramount. Dr. Barabino offers team coaching and team development services that will improve cohesion, clarity towards share goals, creativity, and engagement out of a group of individuals working together towards an organizational strategy and objective.

Dr. Barabino employs organizational surveys to accurately identify information that is crucial to senior management and vital to the vision and mission of the organization while providing an objective and non-threatening environment to collect. Organizational surveys might include an assessment of career progression and training needs for managers and/or high potential talent or receiving feedback on the current company’s culture and attitudes.

Selecting and developing individuals is essential but not sufficient. Organizations understand the need to select and develop employees who possess skills and knowledge to be successful in the position. Dr. Barabino provides the organization with competency modeling services that will aid your organization to find the right candidate with the ideal set of skills to be successful and contribute the organization’s bottom line. Through the use of tailored interviews, feedback, and benchmarking for the purposes of selecting, hiring, and on-boarding candidates, competency modeling will provide an infrastructure and roadmap to select the right candidate based on established key behaviors and capabilities in alignment with the company’s culture and vision.

Dr. Barabino also provides workshops and seminars on developmental performance feedback, goal setting and intervention plans, active listening and communication, cultural intelligence, executive and peer coaching, and team dynamics.

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